Florent de Maria & Jeremy Villecourt
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Florent de Maria and Jeremy Villecourt are two funny french people.
Although they try to convince everyone they dont actually exist and they are just a product of other people´s imagination the two do indeed form the band Toymaker and produce some very good music

We were more than lucky to collaborate with them on our last movie and we became good friends with them in the process.
Things went well for both of us and Toymaker released their first Album on Rallye Records out of Japan. The CD EP includes most of their songs from the 91 Words Soundtrack. We´ll keep you updated on a release date in Europe and the USA. Currently you can order the Album only from Amazon Japan.
For more info and a free mp3 see below.

Free MP3 Download: click here to download the Song from the "Nicolas" Slow-Mo Section from 91 Words

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