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We are always on the look out for new music so if you´d like us to listen to your stuff send us some mp3s or a link to your website or MySpace. If you want to mail us CDs, send them to this address.
Despite the fact that we havent found the time to help our friends release a CD in Europe and the US, "Toymaker" is still alive and kickin´. Their current Album titled "Kindergarten" was released last year in Japan on Rallye Records and is available on Amazon Japan. More info about "Toymaker" >>
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NASTAR is born: newly formed folk / rap / death metal / country Band by Mikey LeBlanc, Eric Messier & Ben Fee have been adding a whole different level of audio experience to our recent japan trip: the wrote a freestyle song to pretty much every single situation on the trip. Example:

Japan is the undisputed champion-land of Snacks. No other country has a similar variety of crazy and good snacks as well as snackshops.

Download their catchy (freestyle!!) tune: "Snacks"

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Check out the Soundtrack of our 30 minute documentary we released about the Red Bull Gap Session 2006. Artists including Zero Db, Toymaker, Sebadoh, Nada Surf and many more. Scroll down in the right window.
The Gap Session (DVD) Soundtrack