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Blank Paper Studio´s latest Film project, released Oct 15th, 2007.

This 16mm/ Super 16mm DVD production follows a truly conceptual approach containing 5 different short films on one DVD, mixing formats, genres, personalities and directors.
In the works since March 2006, the final Film presents a flow of visual and conceptual diversity that is truly entertaining and fun to watch, without losing the ambition to show top-level riding of well-known athletes.

With some of the best locations in Alaska, Japan and Europe, and a very diverse cast of top riders, Blank Paper Studio´s new Film is the group´s first full length feature since "91 Words For Snow".
Featuring rider like David Benedek, Mikey LeBlanc, Christoph Weber, Mike Basich and many more.

Approx. running length: 40 mins + Bonus
Release Date: 15th of Oct. 2007 (for Premier Dates please go here)

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